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World Gym has just recently opened its doors here in Bundaberg and my husband bought me a membership as a gift.

It really took me back to my teenage years when my two older brothers were gym junkies and I recall seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger and World Gym posters all over their walls. Fast forward to today, and World Gym is still going.

I don’t usually like gyms, and I still have a long way to go with my weight loss journey, but because hubby bought me a membership at World Gym Bundaberg. I thought, well, I better make use of it. I weighed 157kgs when my journey began. I’m currently sitting at 129kgs.

So you’re looking to join a gym, that’s what brought you here right? Well, I’m glad you’re here. I’m going to give you my personal experience on World Gym Bundaberg. Hopefully by the end of this blog, you will be signing up and training alongside me.

World Gym’s history

Founded: 1976

Founder: Joe Gold


With over two hundred locations worldwide, across six continents, 20 countries, and territories.

Click here for brief walk down memory lane on. A blog written by Ric Drasin.

My first thought

Walking through those doors was really hard. I’m not a big fan of gyms because of the way I was treated in the past. I was either laughed and pointed at, really yukky looks that made me feel uncomfortable and smart comments like ‘I bet she won’t last a week mate’, loud enough for my heart to hear and break. I was hoping this gym would be different, and I walked In with my head held high. And you know what… It was different.

Before my husband signed me up to World Gym Bundaberg, I went to another local gym (whose name will remain unnamed).

I thought I would give this one a go because 1. It was close to my home, and 2. I have a few friends that go here, and they sing nothing but high praises for this place. I walk in, and the guy behind the counter took one look at me, and completely ignored me. I said ‘hello’, he looked up, said ‘hi’ and looked straight back down at his laptop. I inquired about memberships and he was just not interested in helping me. I was really disappointed so I walked back out those doors, sat in my car for bit, and just felt sad.

I didn’t get that feeling when I walked through the doors to World Gym. I was Immediately greeted by the staff, big smiles, friendly faces and just a nice warm welcome. Even the other members were kind a friendly. I knew then, that this place is going to be ok.

Some Staff at World Gym Bundaberg. Mary. Matty, Alex and Meale

One of things I really liked about this gym, is that its open 24 hours. I know that there’s a lot of gyms out there that are open 24/7, but the idea that I could come here, to a place where I feel comfortable, and do what I have to do, any time of the day, really appeals to me. And that’s where the tag comes in handy. I was shown by the other tall bloke in the red cap, Alex, how to use my tag after hours, as well as during staffed hours.

My husband and I were given the grand tour. And this place really is amazing.

We were shown around, and I was really blown away by it all.

I looked around at all the equipment and I could feel my head spin. Lucky for us, the staff showed us every single area, talked us through each of the equipment and showed us where everything is.

I know its typical for staff at any gym or any fitness center to do this, but in my opinion, the staff here at World Gym went above and beyond their call of duty to make us feel welcomed.

So how much does it cost

Joining fee: $65.00, the joining fee is a one-off payment, in which this fee covers the administration, set-up, processing membership and the tag. And then it’s $17.95 per week. There is the casual walk-in fee option, which i don’t recommend. It’s cheaper if you sign up.

I have four growing boys and life is already a struggle, but this membership is really worth it, considering all the benefits that come with it. And after all, there really is no cost to your health and wellness. It’s an investment to your future.

What you get:

  • 24/7 access to all amenities. You’ll be given a tag once you sign up.
  • Cardio machines:- Elliptical machines, treadmills, stationary bikes, and more.
  • Strength machines:- Where you can target individual areas and muscle groups and attack them from different angles.
  • Free weights:- Barbells, dumbbells, racks and benches.
  • Group Classes:- Such as HIIT, Boxfit, ABT (Abs, Butts & Thighs) and much more.
  • Hammer strength equipment
  • Functional training area
  • Creche:- No excuses for this majestic mumma. I can take my baby with me
  • Supplement Store
  • Cafe

And if you are really serious about improving your fitness and taking it to another level, Book in a session with these world-class Personal trainers and coaching staff.

Heres a pic of me among some powerhouse women that totally smashed a HIIT class.

I had no intentions at all joining this class, but the atmosphere here is so welcoming. I pushed past my fears and broke that mindset and just went for it. It ended up being awesome. These ladies encouraged me all throughout the class (complete strangers to me beforehand), and they made me feel like I could achieve anything, and I did. I overcame the doubts in my mind and just pushed through till the end. And they were right, I felt so good after it.

Why World Gym Bundaberg??

Out of all the gyms that I have personally been to, this by far is the best.

It really is a world-class gym, and given its history and the superstars that have come and gone and still represent such and iconic establishment. Look no further.

I guarantee that you will love this place.

The staff here at World Gym Bundaberg stand by their commitment to help you with your fitness goals. And their main goal is to give all their members the best. Whether you are a competitive bodybuilder, a weekend warrior or a first timer. Whether you’re an Olympic lifter, a powerlifter, a casual lifter or a first-time lifter (like me) you’ll find everything you need in the one place. They will give you the time you need, and will tailor a program to help you achieve your goals.

It’s a rarity to find staff (especially at a gym) that genuinely care about your health and fitness. So whatever level you’re at, I highly recommend checking out World Gym Bundaberg.

Don’t think about it, just do it

If your anything like me, think too much and the drive is gone. We often talk ourselves out of doing many things. We often get in our own way, and end up getting nothing done. We are our own worst enemy, because no one is good at breaking us down, but ourselves.

So I encourage you to make a choice today, Take on the challenge of becoming a better version of yourself.

I’m not getting anything out of this review, I’m not getting paid per click or getting any type of commission. I’m impressed with World Gym Bundaberg, and I’m grateful to my amazing husband for getting me this membership.

What I am getting out of this review, Is the chance to share this amazing place with you.

Thank you for stopping by, If you have any questions about this blog, or would like to share your gym experiences with us, please feel free to leave a comment.

Till next time, Take care


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