Top 10 weightloss programs

Being overweight most of life, I can honestly say that I have tried many weight loss programs, joined so many different fads and diet trends. I spent thousands of dollars on programs, products. I joined challenges and quit half way through. The majority of these programs are designed to help people lose weight. But if you don’t make a commitment, chances are you too will fail. Like I always say, It’s on you.

I was like a yo-yo with my weight, I didn’t really take it seriously until after Hezekiah was born. In saying that, I’ve put together a review on what I believe to be the top 10 weightloss programs out there. Please consider the fact, that I am no expert, I don’t have a bachelor or masters degree on health and wellness. I don’t have access to a research lab where I can research products and break down all the ingredients for you. Theres lots of professionals that can do that for you. All I have is my own personal experience. All I can offer you is my own story as well the experience of close family and friends. We are all different and unique. What may work for me, may not work for you. What my body can tolerate, yours may not. So please check with your physician if you are wanting to try any of these programs/products.

Top 10 weightloss programs

1. My Muscle Chef

Australia’s top rated meal delivery service with over 20’000 active customers a year, 3,000,000 meals sold in 2017 and holds a 4.9/5 star rating on product review. They offer pre-designed meal plans for muscle gain,
performance and weightloss.



The benefits of this meal delivery service, like many others are:

  • Less prep time so more time for you
  • Less mess
  • Can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 weeks
  • Convenient
  • Over 50 meals to choose from
  • Ordering is simple and easy, commonly online, mobile or over the phone.
  • Just heat and eat


What to look out for with My Muscle Chef:

  • Home delivery charges can get prove a bit costly,
    Sydney: $15 Wollongong & South Coast: $25 Canberra: $30 QLD Brisbane: $15
    Gold Coast : $20
  • The disclaimer says:- ‘We cannot guarantee any products sold on
    our website are completely free from any allergen such as milk,
    nuts, egg, sesame seeds, fish, crustacean, soy, sulphites and


How much does it cost?

Meals start at $7.50, You can speak to their friendly customer service
about all your dietry requirements, and whatever your health goals
are, you can build a meal plan that will suit you and your budget.

There are no contracts. You can choose to order meals for as long as
you want – whether that be separate orders every week or setting up a
weekly or fortnightly order option.

Overall, the emphasis for weightloss on this program is very positive. Online reviews as well as my own personal experience with My Muscle chef is Excellent. Fast, convenient, fresh and tasty. Unfortunately for me and my big family, I could not stay on this program. It ended being too expensive for us. To feed my family on a weekly basis with My Muscle chef cost us over $500 a week. I had to find a cheaper way to create portioned and nutriotionally balanced meals for us. So the research went on.

2. Lite n Easy

Lite n easy claim to make losing weight easy and convenient. Over 100
meals nutritionally balanced and portioned, delivered right to
your door. It’s been around since 1986 an according to many customer
reviews, ‘It works’.

So lets have a closer look.

Lite n’ Easy works on the idea that energy (calorie/kilojoule) restriction helps you achieve your weight loss goals. Lite n’ Easy spokesperson Maryl-Ann Marshall, who is an accredited practicing dietitian says; “The meal plans are developed by our team of dietitians to help customers lose about 0.5–1kg per week on average.”

Before you start Lite n’ Easy you fill in a short questionnaire which asks
your age, gender, height, current weight and how much exercise you
do, and Lite n’ Easy then recommends one of three different meal
plans – 1200, 1500 or 1800 calories per day.

One of the biggest things that people learn through meal delivery services (myself included, as I have tried Lite n easy in the past) Is portion control. It’s important for weightloss. So even after I stopped with their program, our meal portions are still the same.

How much does it cost?

Depending on what meal plan you choose, where you live and the number of days you want to buy for, prices vary. But this guide should give you a fair idea on the costs:

  • A full (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 1200 calorie 7-day meal plan
    costs $144.00 ($20.60 per day) in ACT, NSW, Queensland, SA and
    Victoria, for example.
  • You pay more for the equivalent 1500-calorie meal plan ($157, or $22.40
    per day) – and more again for the 1800 calorie meal plan ($177, or
    $25.30 per day) – as you’re getting more food.
  • If you choose a 5-day meal plan instead of a 7-day meal plan, the cost
    per day is marginally more expensive – $22.60 compared with $20.60
    on the full 1200-calorie meal plan, for example.
  • Rather than a full plan, you can order meal combinations such as breakfasts
    and lunches, breakfasts and dinners or even dinners only, and the
    prices of these options differ. It’s $82 for seven dinners only, for
    example, which works out at about $11.70 per dinner.
  • If you live in WA, you pay an extra $3 for each of the meal options.
  • Delivery is usually free, although some areas incur additional delivery

Lite n’ Easy recommends that, if you want the easiest and the best results for weightloss, then you should stick to the full 7-day meal plans, then as you progress to the 5-day meal plan if you want more flexibility with food on the weekends. Like My Muscle chef, Lite n easy was too expensive for me and my family.


3. Noom

Noom believes the best way to attract people to a healthier lifestyle is to develop products that make that lifestyle more enjoyable. On your smartphone, Noom uses cutting-edge technology to accurately monitor your progress and provide expert advice and analysis to keep you on track. By making the experience relevant to who you are, your goals, and your interactions, we provide a personalized plan that makes a balanced, healthy life attainable and fun.

When you first start, you’lle be asked some questions like, Ideal weight, current weight and height, gender and age. A plan will be generated based on your answers and a goal will be set for you.

So WHY Noom,

– British Medical Journal found 64% of Noom users lost more than 5 percent of their weight.

– Scientific Reports found that 78% of Noom users sustained weight loss over 9 months.

– University of Sydney’s Medical Center ranked Noom the number 1 out of 800 weight loss programs.

So how much does it cost?

A plan tailored to me and my weightloss goals(which was based on my answers), the total cost would be $159 a month.

“I know what different foods do to me. I know that food is my drug of choice when overwhelmed by stress. Knowledge has not helped me much; Noom keeps me engaged and accountable. I still have to do the work. But I feel like I am making lifestyle changes”. Noom works. says one happy customer.

Overall, it’s all on you. You get out, what you put in. Not for me and my family though.

4. Jenny Craig

Older than Lite n Easy, Jenny Vraig has been around for 35 years. Jenny Craigs promis to you is that it come with the whole package. And it’s not just about the food. You’ll get a consultant that will meet you in person, or on the phone, whichever you prefer, you’ll get a pre-packaged low calorie food, online tools to help you stay on track and plan, and you will also get a exercise plan.

Jenny Craig’s weekly menus of 70 different prepackaged foods, at least at first. You’ll get about 1,200 calories a day, depending on your weight and your height. You won’t need to cook at first. When you’re halfway to your weight loss goal, you’ll start eating a few meals made at home. Once you reach your target weight, you spend 4 weeks transitioning to home-cooked meals.

How much does it cost?

You’ll pay a monthly fee, plus the cost of your food.

Regardless of your plan, the prepackaged meals and associated shipping charges are extra. The average cost of food each day is between $15 and $26, according to the company’s website.

This is a good program because it offers a balanced diet that is based upon current dietary recommendations for adults. It seems easy, since you don’t need to cook and the food is prepackaged. Some of the levels even have support systems built in, in case you have questions.

The downside is that it is expensive. The cost of the food is in addition to the cost of the diet program, about $100 per week, and this may be hard for some people to maintain. But if you stick with it, you will probably lose weight gradually, which is a healthy way to lose weight in general.

5. My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal is a smartphone app and website that tracks diet and exercise to determine optimal caloric intake and nutrients for the users’ goals and uses gamification elements to motivate users.

Key Features

Community: MyFitnessPal’s consists of a forum, where other users are free to exchange tips and advice. Sharing experiences and helping motivate each other which can often help keep everyone accountable.

Exercise Tracker: MyFitnessPal’s database has over 350 exercises stored, and it will show how much each person burns during each activity, based on their specific height, weight, and gender. It includes most cardio and strength training workouts, as well as yoga and Pilates.

Calorie Counter: The app’s calorie counter is basically an online diary of each MyFitnessPal member’s intake. The counter allows members to set daily goals, and the app can add multiple foods at once. It also automatically stores food and meals that members eat often, which makes them easy to find when they eat them again and need to log them.

It will also import your workouts from fitness tracking apps like runkeeper which is a plus cutting out that manual workout entry. It also has a huge database of nutritional information that is as easy to lookup and add as scanning the upc symbol on a package. Even has a lot of brands like Trader Joes & others already entered in there.

How much does it cost?

The App is free to download and is available for Blackberry, Android, Windows, and the iPhone. You can also unlock all it’s features by going premium which will set you back $9.99 a month or, $49.99 a year.

One of my favourite features about this app is the calorie counter. I enter my favourite recipe and it tells me exactly how much calories is in per serve. I still use this app. It’s helped me a great deal in my journey. Simply because it’s free.

6. Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a protein based plan that allows consumption of different types of foods helpful in weightloss.

Dr. Dukan Pierre, is it’s founder and became popular However, in 2000 after he published the book “The Dukan Diet.” This book is now available in more than 30 countries in 14 different languages.

The Dukan diet has four different phases which includes high protein and low calorie diet plan. This diet pretty much allows you to eat as much as you want, as long as you eat a lot of lean protein, oat bran, drink plenty of water and walk for 20mins a day. Sounds too good to be true right!, Well This diet has more than 100 food items that are high in protein. It works by boosting ‘ones’ metabolism which improves the elimination of excess fat from the body in an easy way.

With its restrictive guidelines, Dukan diet can help in weight loss*. Its main protein content will supply your body with adequate energy for supporting crucial functions like metabolism. However, malnutrition and other negative effects are common among dieters who use this plan.

It is thus important to consult with a specialist before you try the Dukan diet or any other meal plan for weight loss*. Plus, don’t forget to stay physically active during all the four phases of this diet and seek immediate help from your doctor in case of complications.

How much does it cost?

The Dukan Diet coaching cost is based on your customized program. Personalised coaching programs start at 29.95 per month but it varies depending on your profile and program. It is individualized to meet your needs.

No Additional Fees

If it takes you longer to reach your True Weight than your weight loss schedule showed, don’t worry, there are no additional fees. Your program will automatically extend until you reach your True Weight and we will help you be successful
Your Dukan Diet cost is a fixed price, which includes your full diet coaching program from the Attack through the Consolidation phase to help you reach and consolidate your True Weight. No other weight loss program offer this!



7. CSIRO Diet

Csiro diet is a high protein diet for adults that discourage the consumption of carbohydrates. The theory behind doing so is that these high protein foods will allow an individual to fill fuller for longer, which prevents them from overeating. Furthermore, scientific evidence contributes to the theory that large amounts of protein are effective in preventing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The Csiro Total Wellbeing Diet book strongly encourages exercise, and it thoroughly explains the benefits of it in its chapters. Readers of the book will find inside 12 weeks worth of meal plans and over 85 different recipes to choose from. Subsequent books with additional recipes have also been published. The authors of this diet and fitness book state that it can be used by adults of all ages and fitness levels to improve their overall health. Many follower of this diet have also gained confidence in the fact that the program was developed by physicians.

Although it is built upon solid, well-known principles, the Csiro diet is not distinctive from others that are found on the market today. As with any diet plan or workout regimen, an individual should first consult with their primary care physician to ensure that they are healthy enough to undertake the plan.

How much does it cost?

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet 12 Week Program costs $199 which is fully refundable if you successfully complete the program. Below is whats included in the 12 week program.

  • A scientifically formulated weight loss program from CSIRO
  • 12 weeks of easy, delicious meal plans
  • Access to the Protein Balance program
  • A comprehensive weight loss guide personalised for your Diet Type
  • 1000s of delicious, healthy recipes and meal ideas
  • All recipes from the six CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet cookbooks
  • Practical exercise plans you can do at home
  • Reminders and tracking tools to keep you on track
  • Easy print shopping lists
  • Connection to Woolworths Online for easy grocery shopping
  • Forums to share the journey with 1000s of other members
  • Ability to synch your Fitbit or Garmin to the website
  • Refund of $199 if you successfully complete the program

They also offer a Premium Membership for $299 which includes all the features of the 12 Week Program plus 1-on-1 support from an Accredited Practising Dietitian. Premium memberships include;

  • All features of the 12 Week Program (listed above)
  • 2 x online coaching sessions with an Accredited Practising Dietitian to keep you on track
  • A copy of the Complete Recipe Collection cookbook
  • Unlimited phone support with a dietitian in case you have questions
  • Prioritised email responses – we’ll answer your emails before everyone else!
  • Refund of $199 if you successfully complete the program

CSIRO also offers weekly payment plans and can tailor packages to include dietition support.

Another happy customer review. “For me this was the best weight loss program I have ever been on. The weekly menu was full of variations which meant I didn’t get bored with eating the same thing every day. I found the weekly weigh in very good to keep me motivated. I had a lot of weight to lose and have lost 26kgs in the 12 week program. I am feeling very proud of myself.

8. 18 Shake

is a weight loss meal replacement shake that was rated as the Best Diet Shake of 2018.

It’s made with only natural ingredients, high protein, and quality fiber for appetite suppression. It’s also suggested to help with increasing energy and producing fast weight loss, all with zero artificial additives, colors, or preservatives. There’s both chocolate and vanilla available, and the company offers a 30-day full money back guarantee. Though it sounds impressive, is this shake really the solution to weight loss? What have customers experienced as far as results and taste?

Made in the USA from all-natural ingredients. It has no soy, artificial sweeteners or any other harmful ingredients found in many meal replacement products. Also, 18Shake is a gluten free product. Its high quality dual-protein formula and fiber will naturally help to reduce hunger and lose weight fast.

How much does it cost?

This is where the 18 Shake went off the rails as far as I was concerned. To see the price, I first had to give them my name, address, phone number etc. Why do they need this information? They don’t need it. There is a reason they are doing this. Here’s what it says on the “Privacy Page” of,

By providing us with Personal Information about yourself on our Website or in the course of using our services, you consent to the transfer of your Personal Information, and any other data we acquire about you from third-party service providers for commercial use.

In other words, it sounds like they are saying whether you buy the 18Shake or not the company can still make money by selling your information to others. I wasn’t comfortable with that. I get enough fake phone calls, spam and junk mail.

That said, at the bottom of the website, on the Terms and Conditions Page of, I discovered these prices for the product:

  • 1 pack of the 18Shake is $79.99 (1 month supply)
  • If you buy 2 packs of 18Shake, it’s $179.97 plus they give 1 free pack
  • If you buy 3 packs, it’s $249.95 plus they give 2 free packs

This is too expensive for a simple fiber shake.


9. Tony Ferguson

I’ve personally tried this program, I lasted about a month. The program involves replacing two meals a day with either a shake (theres like 12 flavours), a soup (12 flavours) or a meal bar.

These meal replacements are around 200 calories but they are packed with protein, essential minerals and vitamins.

Once you reach your goal weight (which I never did), they will help you maintain it.

When I started this program years ago, I was always stuck for motivation, I struggled with replacing the two meals and I always felt hungry. I had to give up carbs completely which was really hard. The program itself has changed over the years and now includes carbs because latest nutrition evidence shows carbohydrate containing foods such as grains and cereals can be included as part of a healthy weight loss program. They’ve also changed the formula for their shakes in which some of their old customers were disappointed.

Like any program, If you commit to it, and stay consistent, you can accomplish any weightloss goals.

How much does it cost?

The Membership for the Tony Ferguson Program is free. Yes, that is right: free! All you need is a program guide ($16.50). There are no ongoing costs for the program other than the products you purchase.

The weekly costs for the Tony Ferguson products will differ for everyone as it depends how many and what types of Tony Ferguson products you purchase each week. As a guide, the minimum cost for 2 powdered Replace-A-Meal shakes per day (14 per week) is around $48.00.

With it’s new Program which now includes, recipes, and a serve of carbs at dinner. It’s still not a sustainable diet program for me.

10. Cambridge weight plan

The Cambridge Diet is a weight loss program offering pre-packed meals, counseling, and low calorie meal suggestions. It’s considered a very low calorie diet. One can select between 415 to 1500 calories depending on one’s weight loss goals, gender, and tolerance. Consultants are offered not just to guide, but to recommend what calorie limit one should follow.

It’s an extreme weight-loss plan, for those of you who aren’t in the know. Based around a range of bars, soups and shakes under a controlled regime, this diet plan is cheaper than Weight Watchers, and faster than your average calorie-controlled diet. We explain what’s involved, the pros and cons and how the Cambridge Diet claims to help you lose weight, fast.

It’s very similar to the ketogenic diet. It works by forcing your body into a state of ‘ketosis’. This occurs when the body does not receive all of the calories it needs to function properly and so is forced to turn to fat stores in order to carry on going.

This program requires you to follow their “steps to success.” These steps are designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. The plan includes working directly with a Cambridge Diet Consultant, who will guide users through the steps, including preparation, weightloss goals and long-term weight loss management.


Each step of the Cambridge Diet includes eating some of the “delicious tasting low-calorie formula food products.”

Spicy Couscous: This product combines couscous, wheat protein, and seasonings.

Bars: Flavors include toffee, chocolate, chocolate orange, cranberry, chocolate mint, strawberry and apple, peanut, and lemon.

Pre-mixed, Ready to Drink products include 3 flavors: Banana Bliss, Chocolate Velvet, Strawberry Silk.

Yogurt Smoothies in a variety of flavors: Cherry & Strawberry, and Black Currant & Apple.

How much does it cost?

The cost of using this diet is another concern among dieters. One week can set you back $64.53. That’s $285.04 per month, which is just ridiculous.

Let’s compare the cost of the Cambridge Diet with similar diets out there. According to the Cambridge Diet website, their plan will set you back about $64.53 per week. Weekly costs of other plans are as follows:

  • LighterLife: $96.72 per week
  • Slim-Fast: $91.65 per week
  • Diet Chef: $81.83 per week

The Cambridge Diet also claims to be cheaper than Weight Watchers, and that might be true depending on how many prepared meals you buy from Weight Watchers. However, Weight Watchers has a “support only” program which includes group support and recipes made from regular, non-packaged foods.

And as far as we could see, there is no money-back guarantee or discounts of any kind listed on the Cambridge website.


No matter what your health or weight loss goals are, There is a program out there that will suit you. It will cater to your needs and help guide you step by step.

When looking at a weightloss program, you have to take a lot of things into consideration e.g you current financial situation, your time, your family. Being able to commit is important and being consistent.

My family and I found a program that suits us, suits our lifestyle, our finances and most of all, no deprivation. We simply swapped for a healthier alternative. It teaches us to create a balance, and teaches us to make better choices with health and nutrition. It provides us hundreds of nutrionally balanced recipes that my children and I enjoy cooking, meal plans, shopping lists and much much more. Whats most important to us as a family is the ability to live a healthy lifestyle and being able to sustain it. For information about the weightloss program my family and I are currently on, please email me at

Overall, It’s up to you to make a change in your life for a healthy lifestyle. It’s got to be more than just about losing weight. You have to train your mindset to believe that overall health and wellness is the key. If you can do this, the weight will fall off.

A healthy lifestyle is about balance, not imposed extremities; so don’t make it ridiculously hard for yourself. Most importantly, Love yourself enough to live and healthy lifestyle.

If you have any questions or you have a program that we could suss out, please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you


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  1. Karin says:

    Very good and comprehensive review of some of the many plans out there. There are so many and some that I feel like just prey on those of us who are overweight because we are so desperate to lose weight. Thank you for clarifying some of the muddy water!

    • Thank you very much for the comment Karin, and yes, you are so right, I felt I was just another number, and in most cases, it’s all about the money. All they care about is taking your money. And I think it’s so sad.

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