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Since the company began in September 1985, Frank VanderSloot has directed its growth into an international company that generates more than $2 billion in annual revenue. He has directed the development of the company’s nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, and household cleaning products.

Finally!! a company that puts people first. Melaleuca’s mission is to put ‘people’ before profit.

“Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.”

In less than 30 years it has grown from a little startup in rural Idaho to a billion-dollar enterprise doing business in 17 countries around the globe. It has become one of the largest catalog and online retailers in North America. And it is the largest manufacturer of consumer packaged goods in the Northwest. Today, more than a million people shop with Melaleuca every month.


What is

Melaleuca is a manufacturer with a membership-based monthly shopping club that offers 400+ exclusive WELLNESS products.

Wellness matters in every aspect of our lives:

  • Physical
  • Environmental
  • Personal
  • Financial

The Melaleuca shopping club, puts you in control of your family’s well being.

For $25 per year, your membership allows you to shop for Melaleuca products monthly at 30% – 40% discount – shipped conveniently to your door.

The benefits of shopping with

Membership perks include, but not limited to;

  • 30% – 40% OFF regualr prices
  • Better, safer products
  • Live a healthier, More vibrant life
  • No Risk – 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Same Dollars, Better spent

Being a Melaleuca Preferred Member has its privileges. It introduces a new world of naturally effective, one-of-a-kind wellness products to you, your home, and your family. And with over 400 unique products to choose from, shopping with Melaleuca is always filled with variety and options.



Our Products

Several amazing new Melaleuca products were just unveiled at Convention 2018 in Salt Lake City. Thousands in attendance cheered as each one of these exclusive wellness products was introduced on stage.

For more than 30 years, Melaleuca’s Preferred Members have come to expect the very best from The Wellness Company. That’s because each and every new product we introduce is researched, developed, and manufactured to ensure it provides our Members with the very best experience.

We offer products that are safer, more effective, and a better value than the grocery store brands with the goal of helping our Members enjoy longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.

No other product has the potential to change lives like the Peak Performance Pack. Our company knows that with daily exercise and proper nutrition we give ourselves the best chance of living a longer, more vibrant life.

The Peak Performance Pack has been shown in two separate human clinical studies to reduce free radicals so you can add years to your life and life to your years. It’s the one product every Melaleuca Preferred Member should experience.


In the simplest terms, health can be broken down into broad categories that represent the body’s interconnected systems that make up our intricate human anatomy.

The Freiburg Study demonstrated that the Peak Performance Pack delivers profound, measurable benefits in healthy individuals in the key categories of holistic health: heart health, metabolic health, and cellular health.

Never before has a combination of powerful, patented, or proprietary products been assembled in this way. And never has there been a better nutritional pack to help you reach your own peak performance every day.

Melaleuca’s Vitality for Life product range has everything you need to make your Weight Management Programme successful. We’ve created product packs to help you achieve your goals and save some money too!

Includes choice of Men’s/Women’s formula and flavours where applicable.

** Sport Nutrition Pack contents have been updated to include your choice of Access Chocolate Rasberry Rush, Access Chocolate Peanut Butter Krisp or Access Chocolate Slam Shake.

There’s Always Something New for Our Customers

With more than 400 products to choose from, it would take more than three years for an average Preferred Member to try all of our products just once. And that’s not including all of the varieties in flavors, formulas, sizes, and shades.

From time to time, Melaleuca will introduce new products in addition to those we sell today. This is the result of our relentless pursuit of new, innovative ideas to help improve your life. It is the fruit of our scientists’ labors. Whether an advancement in one of our existing products, or something entirely new, these products are always worth trying.




Melaleuca is also on a mission to improve our environment with non-toxic, home-cleaning products that are safer for your home and allow you to live clean without the hazards of harsh chemicals.

Melaleuca is a world leader in concentrated products. Products that require less water to make, less fuel to ship, and less plastic to package. It’s better for the environment inside your home… and outside.


Melaleuca Is Committed to Superior Products

Every product has been developed and manufactured to stand out from the competition. Each must be superior in a very clear and relevant way to the products you might otherwise use.

That means they are researched, refined, and scrutinized before they ever go to market. Melaleuca Preferred Members deserve only the best. And that is exactly what Melaleuca is committed to providing.



Experience the joy of oil with new PURE Essential Oils just in time for summer:


Melaleuca scientists formulated EcoSense products to get your house sparkling clean without ammonia, chlorine bleach, quaternary disinfectants, or other dangerous chemicals.

In fact, our cleaning products are so safe that no child safety caps are required.

You can have a clean home that is also toxin-free! Only EcoSense is the safer, more effective alternative.


A Step beyond

Melaleuca goes a step beyond and does what no other company can. Melaleuca makes it possible to improve your financial well-being.

How? By providing a step-by-step plan that reduces debt and increases your monthly income.

So far, Melaleuca has shared over 3.6 billion dollars with families like yours. Just for referring friends to shop.

Are you trying to get out of debt and secure your financial future? Well, because it’s a different kind of company, Melaleuca can help. It is the world’s first Consumer Direct Marketing company, allowing you to participate in revenue sharing.

Instead of partnering with advertisers and retail distributors, Melaleuca partners with you. When you refer new customers to Melaleuca, you get a commission each time they shop.

That means you can build a lasting residual income just by sharing Melaleuca with others. To date, Melaleuca has paid more than $3.6 billion in referral commissions to people just like you.

Perhaps you’re looking for balance and peace of mind in your personal and family life. Melaleuca allows you to live life to the fullest— to have the time, health, and resources to experience the meaningful moments in life with the people you cherish most.

It’s unlike anything else but that helps Melaleuca on its mission to improve your overall quality of life. Your personal wellness. To give you more time to enjoy the things you love, with the people you love the most. The health to do the things that matter most. And the resources to make it all happen.

It is a lofty ambition: helping people reach their goals. Not something an ordinary company cares all that much about. Then again, Melaleuca is anything but ordinary.


Get the most out of your Melaleuca Preferred Customer membership with Loyalty Shopping Dollars. Early on, you earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars by watching videos and learning about Melaleuca and our unmatched wellness products. Later, you simply shop monthly to continue earning Loyalty Shopping Dollars.


First five months: Learn To Earn

When you enroll as a Preferred Customer, you can earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars by watching short online videos that further introduce you to Melaleuca and Melaleuca products.

Some videos are worth $5, others $10—and you can earn up to $100 in your first five months. You can start earning Loyalty Shopping Dollars by watching videos in your first month of enrollment.

Dollars build up in your Loyalty Shopping Dollars account starting in month two, and you can use them whenever you shop. Products purchased with Loyalty Shopping Dollars do not count toward your monthly Product Point commitment.

Month six and beyond: earn up to

Every month, you can continue to earn up to 15% on every order you place. To earn the maximum 15%, all you have to do is place your order online before the 20th and watch videos to activate your Loyalty Shopping Dollars.



Today, in a world with too little time and too many caloric delights, we eat plentifully and often, but our diet lacks the nutrition necessary to allow us to lead long, healthy, vibrant lives.

Melaleuca products aren’t just better for your health and safer for the environment. They are also a better value. Because of their super-concentrated formulas and high-quality ingredients, they are much more effective than the diluted, cheaper grocery store brands. And since Melaleuca is a debt-free company that doesn’t rely on advertisers, middlemen, or shelf space at retail stores, the savings are passed directly to customers like you who enjoy “Exceptional products at reasonable prices.

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